Why We are a Good Choice for You (If Your Project is Good for Us)?

We are experienced. We understand the different stages of a startup’s lifecycle, from idea to growth to exit. We will not only support you financially (although we believe this is important for you also) but we will let you use our knowledge in developing your business to make it successful and sustainable. You will have unparalleled access to our ecosystem, getting friendly support from and possibilities for cooperation with some of our best teams and mentors.

What We Look For

Ideally, your team has at least two strongly motivated co-founders with a mix of IT and business/sales experience, your market potential is huge and you are ready to prove it, and your product addresses a genuine need in innovative ways. However, these are not hard selection criteria.

How To Submit

Before you email us, please read your submission (and get friends and family to read it as well) to make sure that it is coherent and answers most important questions.

If you happen to run across our mobile phone numbers out there, please do not call us directly before submitting something – we won’t talk to you without materials.

To speed up processing, your filenames should contain the project name and date of submission.