It’s a free interactive trip planning tool that helps you easily create a European trip itinerary based on your personal preferences.

It’s social web intelligence company that delivers a new kind of web personalization and customer intelligence by applying bioinformatics and machine learning to social data.

Amazing Hiring
It’s a set of tools for recruiters which allows any company to quickly find the best IT-specialists.

GuruShots is a platform that offers photographers a remarkably fun, social and educational place to shine.

It’s a Sales and Marketing platform that enables the Enterprise to quickly design and syndicate mobile applications to their Salesforce and Customers.

A car auction offering free and fast car valuation and inspection, a guarantee to purchase any car within 30 minutes, pay immediately and take care of all paperwork.

Unomy automates the process of collecting and analyzing information about companies.

Cellwize vision leads the technology frontier in the SON (Self Organizing Network) industry; to pioneer the use of Big Data insight and lead the way

Twtrland is a social intelligence platform that helps users understand their customers and identify their brands’ influencers.

Online worldwide marketplace where users and businesses sell and buy unused hotel reservations’ influencers.

The most innovative mobile ticket seller that helps customers to find millions of concert, sports and theater tickets at the best prices’ influencers.

Powerful in-image ads service that scans the text from web pages, and automatically matches content-relevant and visually engaging in-image campaigns’ influencers.

Dating chat mobile application that enables you to chat with potential dates that are now in your immediate vicinity.’ influencers.

FlatClub is an online marketplace to help students & alumni of top universities find medium-term renting by leveraging existing social networks to create trust.

1World Online is a SaaS platform that unifies the values of data and advertising into an all-in-one engagement driven platform.

Circle Medical
Circle Medical is a primary health care provider that comes to you at your home, work or hotel.

Simple On-Demand Laundry & Dry-Cleaning Delivery App.

CrazyLister automatically creates high-converting marketplace listings that optimize themselves to increase sales while eliminating any need for IT skills.

Eight is the world’s first mattress cover that makes any bed smart. Eight intelligently manages your bed temperature, tracks sleep, and wakes you up at the right time every morning.
Mobile internet for moms worldwide

Simple Health Insurance for Small Businesses.

The application enables users to create a social network where members can communicate with each other in a small group based on a specific interest.

Viisights provides the DEMAND side (Advertisers) and SUPPLY side (Publishers) solutions for monetizing digital video assets.


Intelligent App Monetization.

The company s currently working on its innovative communication products with a new algorithm that is used for the first in the world.

DiACardio Ltd. is an imaging processing software company that is developing tools for automating the evaluation of echocardiographic images, sometimes referred to as “ultrasounds of the heart”.

Powerful tools to sell merchant credits on mobile and web.

Socure is the leader in digital identity verification. By applying machine learning techniques with biometrics and data intelligence from email, phone, IP, social media and the broader internet

Mobee Is The Fastest, Smartest, And Easiest Way To Increase Your Business’s ROI Using Location-­Based Data Collection.

VINEBOX is a monthly wine-by-the-glass subscription service. Each month, subscribers receive 3 single-serving portions of wine to taste, share, and enjoy. Only order more of the wine you know you love!

STYLEBEE is the easiest and most cost effective way to book a top hairstylist and makeup artist in Los Angeles and San Francisco/Bay Area.

Wellth helps insurers and risk-bearing healthcare providers better understand their populations, improve customer health and retention, and lower costs, through a mobile first, financial incentive focused behavior change platform.

flexReceipts, the leading enhanced digital receipts solution, offers retailers a post-sale opportunity to communicate with their customers. flexReceipt’s enriched receipts build customer loyalty and drive sales

Albert guides you to simple, clear financial decisions. We connect to all of your accounts, provide real life recommendations—like repaying credit card debt with a low-interest loan, getting renter’s insurance, or setting up the right retirement plan.

Juno is a fresh approach to ride sharing. By leading with our values and putting drivers first, it will pave the way for better rider experiences. It’s refined, responsible, ride sharing.

Confident Cannabis is the first technology platform specifically designed to put cannabis chemotype data in the hands of farmers, manufacturers, dispensaries, regulators, researchers and consumers.

Piper is empowering anyone to be an inventor. Our first product is a DIY computer kit which lets kids build connected electronics and gadgets using Minecraft.

Yoshi delivers gas to your car while it’s parked at work so you never have to go to the gas station again.

DocTalk allows you to easily connect with your doctor and skip the hassle of an in-person visit. Users can chat with their doctors, obtain prescriptions and share new reports with their doctors.

The tool that makes your Airbnb and vacation rental business a success.

Platterz is an online marketplace designed for ordering and sharing delicious food platters in just three clicks.

Save products you plan to buy from hundreds of stores across devices, and get notified when it’s on sale and when it comes back in stock!

Stealth worker is a stealth startup based in silicon valley that will disrupt current employment models for Information Security and IT staff.

Wallarm is web security solution designed for the modern web applications and APIs. It organically combines vulnerability detection with next generation web application firewall (WAF).

I-Dripper is producing a new and groundbreaking irrigation system. That understand the plant needs and irrigate each plant on demand.
Mobile internet for moms worldwide

Y Combinator backed startup to provide amazing tech help for your Smart Home. Personalized and proactive support for all your internet connected devices through your Tech Concierge.

Squire Technologies is a New York based company that was founded in 2014 with the goal of providing technologies solutions to industries in need of change. The first industry that we have targeted is men’s grooming.

Suiteness is an online booking platform specializing in luxury suites at 4 and 5-star hotels. We are currently live in Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York.

Storyhunter is a platform where brands, media companies, agencies, production companies, and freelancers connect and work together.

Babator provides an artificial intelligence solution for video personalization that multiplies the viewer’s number of video views by personalizing the site’s video assets.

L. makes personal care products women want. Our first creation: a natural 1-for-1 condom line. At L., we make condoms from the highest grade materials, free of harmful additives and deliver them discreetly to your door.

Disrupts the lottery industry, allowing customers to participate in global jackpots that are backed by an Insurance Linked Security structure

On-demand photographers for everyone

ServX is a multi-brand, multi-vehicle platform that provides a one-stop solution for car services and repairs across New Delhi

Kado is a global innovator of thin power conversion technologies

REZI is a leasing technology company that pays landlords upfront and at a discount for their lease, in exchange for the right to rent their property at market rate for a profit

Paragon One is a career coaching marketplace that matches college students with professionals, career coaches, and internships for foreign college students in the USA.

Online supermarket, aims to deliver high-quality groceries to all 50 states for a fraction of the price

Autohub is B2B marketplace that replaces offline auctions and allows sellers to buy and sell used cars directly from each other.

bxblue is the marketplace to compare, choose and get payroll deductible loans online in Brazil, brining speed, transparency and convenience to this market.

Created for drivers by a driver, Mystro is an app that makes on-demand drivers more money by allowing them to safely and easily drive for multiple on-demand platforms and never miss a trip they want.